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Example: “We can probably complete this hike in less than two hours, as extended as we adhere to the marked trails and never halt way too usually to relaxation. “As As very long as For the reason that Mainly because of Because of to For For the explanation that For the objective of Given that In get to If. then In scenario of In light of On affliction of Only if. Out of fear of Exterior of On account of On harmony Only with Only in Owing to Presented that Sincet Viewing as Unless of course When Each time Irrespective of whether Though. Effect, Consequence, or Outcome Phrases and Phrases. These connecting text and phrases reveal consequences or final results, and are occasionally applied to denote effects that arise after the truth (applying time phrases like “immediately after” and “then”. Example: “Kevin never ever altered the oil in his motor vehicle – as a final result , the engine seized and he experienced to spend $2000 to get it changed. “Accordingly At last As a result That’s why So As a result Therefore In that circumstance. Henceforth In that scenario As a result Due to situation Then Since of that In mild of that For that cause. Comparison or Agreement Changeover Words and phrases. These transition phrases and words strengthen the ideas and thoughts instantly preceding them, or allow the reader to immediately look at two previous statements, thoughts, or ideas. Example: “Needing to get only two yards for a vital to start with down, the coach was confronted with heading for it or kicking the ball away. Calling a go participate in appeared the safest guess.

What’s more , the quarterback hadn’t thrown an incomplete move all video game. “Moreover Comparatively Likewise In equivalent trend Identically Likewise Additionally In addition In light of In the exact same vein Similarly On top of that As a matter of fact Very first of all In the first spot. Like Then As As opposed to Despite the fact that Also Also In the similar way Of course In addition to Identically Portion and parcel of By the exact token Not only But also. Contrast or Contradiction Phrases and Phrases. Use these transition terms and phrases to stage out variations in concepts, or advise to the reader that there are different thoughts to contemplate. Example: “The mentor made the decision to go for it on 4th down, albeit with a quite basic quarterback sneak. “However Conversely Even with In spite of In addition to Nonetheless Yet Be that as it might On the opposite Normally In truth Even with While Then again Irrespective. After all Though But Even though Whilst Relatively than Even so Even though As opposed to However Following all At the exact same time Even so And yet In distinction with. Sequence and Time Transition Words and phrases. Convey a sequence of gatherings or the structure and limitations of time with these transition terms. Example: “Consideration, passengers: At the existing time , the subway is delayed since of a signal situation at the Ashmont station. “At the present time Just after In advance of At the moment At some point Ultimately Previously Promptly Initially And lastly Later on In the meantime Future Formerly Concurrently. Soon Subsequently To commence with All of a sudden Henceforth Throughout Prior to At the exact same time In an instantaneous Now that Swiftly The moment in awhile In time Right this moment Not a next as well shortly. Transition Words for Place and Spot. Indicate spot, presence, and state with these transition terms. Example: “The town last but not least voted to create a new superior faculty adjacent to the previous railway station. “Above Around Below Between Beyond By Following to Under At the rear of Around Opposite Adjacent Central to In the history To the appropriate/left.

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