Brainrush – brain biostimulator: analytics and impressions

Brainrush – brain biostimulator: analytics and impressions

At the first acquaintance with the drug, it seems that Brainrush are capsules for improving memory and nothing more. In fact, the natural herbal supplement Brainrush activates the entire thinking process, relieves depression, normalizes coordination, and restores disturbed sleep. That is, it is a multifunctional and multicomponent drug. Moreover, some of the components that make up the product are often used separately as stimulants of mental processes, as elements that improve blood supply to the brain and vascular microcirculation (for example, glycine or a B-group vitamin complex).

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Invention and composition of the drug

Unlike some functionally similar biostimulants of brain activity (HeadBooster, Optimentis), there is nothing unusual in the history of the creation of Brainrush. He was “boring” born in a laboratory, where the researchers were faced with the task of combining known components in such a way that it would give a noticeable nootropic effect without negative side effects, provided that the dosage and timing of the course were observed.

Such tasks seem simple only at first glance, because their solution is a long research process, during which it is necessary to take into account a number of factors:

The combination of elements that should harmoniously complement each other’s action, and not “conflict” with each other.The need to use affordable, yet effective ingredients so that the price of Brainrush is affordable even for students who are the main consumers of nootropics along with office workers, teachers, journalists, engineers, as well as people who combine several activities at the same time. That is, this supplement is for those whose activities are associated with high mental stress, and those who have impaired cerebral blood supply and the supply of nutrients to neurons.The time factor, which dictates the condition, is fast enough – within 1-2 weeks – to normalize the brain and strengthen memory. This is due, for example, to the rhythms of the educational (work) processes, and to the therapeutic necessity. At the same time, it is desirable that in certain cases the drug could immediately, from the first intake, show its properties. And this is difficult without creating a risk of side effects, which is observed, for example, when exposed to psychotropics or “fast” nootropics.

All these factors ultimately determined the composition of Brainrush, mainly consisting of natural plant extracts with the addition of a complex of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and amino acids.

Glycine is a neurotransmitter amino acid that stimulates the pituitary gland. Participates in the regulation of protective inhibition processes in the central nervous system, reducing psycho-emotional stress. Glycine has a mild anti-anxiety sedative effect, reducing fear and anxiety. Surprising is the fact that glycine has also been found outside the Earth – first on comet 81P / Wilda (2006), and later in the gas of comet Churyumov-Gerasimenko (2016). Glycine is sold in pharmacies as a mono-ingredient, but in Brainrush, it expands the spectrum of action.A vitamin complex that includes hero essay conclusion example vitamins of group B, as well as A, E, C and D. In the same group – biotin – a water-soluble vitamin of group B, synthesizing glucokinase, regulating protein and fat metabolism, participating in the transfer of carbon dioxide. Folic acid (B9) in the composition accelerates tissue regeneration, restores neural networks and stabilizes the functioning of the central nervous system. It “works” especially well together with vitamins B6 and B12, which are also included in Brainrush. Folic acid is also recommended as an independent remedy for insomnia, weakening of attention and memory, and rapid fatigue.Extracts of medicinal herbs and herbal concentrates based on licorice, sage, motherwort. Their task is to restore normal sleep, relieve neuroses, stresses and their consequences.

Brainrush Instructions for Use

The correct intake of the drug begins with the identification of contraindications, which include pregnancy, breastfeeding, individual intolerance to the components. The volume of the consumed dose per day by an adult should not exceed 2 capsules (one capsule with a meal). The course lasts no more than 2 months (recommended 1-2 months), after which you should take a break. But often, to enhance the effect, it is advised to take Brainrush in a double course: 20 days + 10 days off + 20 days.

In this case, the following dynamics should be traced – in chronology:

25-45 minutes (immediately after taking the capsule) – a noticeable improvement in movement coordination and manipulation accuracy.3-4 days of daily intake – a stable improvement in concentration and attention, improvement of speech function (the ability to build and perceive complex syntactic structures, consistency and coherence of the narrative).7 days of regular intake – a noticeable improvement in memory, the ability to quickly memorize new information and reproduce the current old one.from 2-3 weeks – the manifestation of clear structured and “volumetric” thinking, in which each phenomenon is presented in a system of interconnections with other phenomena, which is due to active interaction between neural networks and stimulation of brain regions that are connected to solving problems.

This “volumetric” perception and structuring of information processing is also illustrated by the opinions of consumers of Brainrush, reviews of which are presented below.

Reviews: analytics and impressions

All reviews about the Brainrush biostimulator can be roughly divided into two large categories: analytical and impressions.


In such reviews, the author tries to understand the dynamics of the process, to record how and when the changes occurred, to compare the action of the supplement with other nootropic agents. This group includes the reviews of experts about Brainrush. For example:

Kirill Rogov, neurologist

“I was not surprised that tired and exhausted people after taking Brainrush began to look at the world more calmly and clearly, understand and perceive what is happening without hysterics. And it’s not even that instead of calm inertia, they began to show intellectual activity – to look for their active place in the process, trying to understand how they personally can influence this process. I was surprised by the paths they chose to show their activity. Before Brainrush, a person sits with his head down – he wants nothing and cannot – he waits for everything to be brought to him on a silver platter. After the course, as if a second wind opens. A person begins to combine what seemed to be incompatible, and as a result gets an amazing result. “

Skorik Valeria, Pskov

I am a supporter of natural products, so I can compare one with the other. First, I drank a tincture of ginseng. I read that it increases the function of the adrenal glands, acts as a stimulant. But you quickly get used to it. Tolerance arises. And you need to drink a lot of it at once in order to get to the right dose. The same is with Siberian ginseng ”- Eleutherococcus. You drink and drink, and you feel the result only when you overdo it. By the way, it is very easy to miss the dose and get the opposite effect. With Brainrush, everything is much simpler and clearer. I gained the optimal shape by the end of the first mini-course. I began to get enough sleep, easy to learn and easy to navigate in what I had already learned before. Then I took a break for 10 days. But the efficiency and activity did not decrease during this time. Then I drank another 20 days, and that was enough for another two months. “


The authors of such reviews most often share a short emotional assessment of their experience with Brainrush. Such reviews have low information content, but they are “livelier and more human” than analytical ones. However, in this category, there is a group of reviews in which the authors try to describe their feelings from the biostimulant artistically, using available images. And this already gives the reader useful information about the features of the action of Brainrush.

Olga, 28 years old, Krasnoyarsk

“Somewhere starting from the 3rd week of the Brainrush course (the exact day and hour cannot be set), I began to see my life as a whole and every single day, like a map – from the outside. In the morning, I understood how to optimally build a route in order to have time to go around all the “points” in less time. I did not use any notes and reminders. I compared the process with a satellite map connected directly to the brain. When necessary, I moved away and looked at everything from a greater height. When necessary, she approached and considered a separate life episode. If I heard information about a “traffic jam” on the road, I took it into account and rebuilt the route on the go. If new information appeared in some long-standing problem that had not been solved for a long time, I immediately built this information into the situation and used it to solve it. Sometimes my actions seemed strange to others. Imagine: I’m driving on a straight road and suddenly I turn into an alley. What for? And in order not to run into a “standing” intersection after 10 blocks. And so in everything. At first, my husband was surprised, and then began to consult, which he had never done in 3 years of marriage. “

Victoria Zinchenko, Moscow

“I noticed the effect of BrainRush on the supermarket and refrigerator. Previously, I wound circles between the shelves to collect everything according to the list. Then she brought the bag home and began to put it all in the refrigerator on the shelves. When there were a lot of products, it took 2-3 tries. Something constantly did not fit. Now I manage not to forget anything the first time. I run around the supermarket along such a trajectory and at such a speed that the children with the trolley cannot keep up with me. The eldest no longer runs, but immediately takes a place in the queue, because now I need three times less time than before. I no longer stand in front of the refrigerator after BrainRush. Suddenly, in my old age, I began to somehow understand everything about the dimensions of packages and rearranged shelves. “

K. Agafonov, St. Petersburg

“In British Sherlock, characters were constantly descending (or ascending?) Into the Halls of Mind. There was a feeling that people simply had too much imagination. But after drinking the BrainRush course, I really felt something similar to these Halls. Not exactly like in Sherlock, where everything was laid out in the character’s head, as if in boxes. But it seems in the sense that I sat on the sofa, closed my eyes and saw the essential and the non-essential. The second was simply discarded. This alone made it much easier. “